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Our integration between and Zoho CRM will bring and update automatically your exchange rates in your Zoho CRM account

Our integration between and Zoho CRM will bring and update automatically your exchange rates in your Zoho CRM account

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       Expand ZOHO CRM capabilities with real time Exchange Rates functionality                 

This extension will update automatically once by day the exchange rates based on the real time exchange rates from platform. Everyday at 11:30 PM a Zoho CRM Schedule will update on Zoho CRM for all the currencies their exchange rates.

You have the possibility to adjust the Wise Exchange Rates with a certain percentage using our WebTab - Wise Exchange and at the same time to update for each currency the exchange rate whenever you need it. Together with this  you have a Custom Module - Currencies Updates where you can see all the updates which have been done to the currencies exchange rates or to the on top percentage and the user which has done it plus the datetime when this update has been done.

Get the exchange rates from directly in Zoho CRM

  • Firstly we have the all the currencies which are existing in your Zoho CRM Multi Currency list
  • Compare Rates button - will bring us to the page were we can compare the exchange rates in real time a comparasion table between different financial institutions
  • For each currency we can visualize the Exchange Rate from and the date for the exchange rate features

  • Using Wise for international transactions is up to 8 times cheaper than using a traditional bank. Wise always uses the mid-market exchange rate and charges low, upfront fees.
  • Over 30% of transfer with Wise arrive instantly. 53% of all transfers arrive within an hour and 81% of all transfers within a day.
  • Wise allows customers to hold, spend and send money in over 50 different currencies.

Adjusting exchange rate for Zoho CRM

  • On the Adjust % field we can make changes to the exchange rate according your business specific
  • Final Exchange Rate help us to preview the exchange rate after the adjustment
  • Once we are satisfied with the adjustments and the preview result we can update Zoho CRM Exchange Rate by pressing the Update button

Daily update for exchange rates

  • To keep the Exchange Rates from up to date on the extension we have implemented a schedule that runs daily at 11:30 PM and update the exchange rates

For testing purposes, if you don't have a Zoho CRM account yet, we recommend you to create one by applying here and benefit from a 15-day trial period during which you can test the functionality of the plugin.

*No card required and nothing to install

Zoho One platform contains +45 applications for managing a company including Zoho CRM ULTIMATE. You can test Zoho CRM within the Zoho One platform.

 *No card required and nothing to install

How to install Exchange Rates for Zoho CRM

  • To install the Exchange Rate extension for Zoho CRM we need to ensure that we have agreed to the terms of service and that we authorize the extension to access and process the data and click Continue.
  • Now we need to choose user/profiles, here we can select to whom we want to give access to manage and updates the exchange rates values and to access the WebTab in order to make changes to the updated exchange rate. If it is installed only for administrators they will be the only ones who will have access to all the functionalities of the extension, but you can decide to give access to all users or only to certain users depending on their profiles on the organization in Zoho CRM.
  • The extension has been successfully installed, but in order to use the features of the Exchange Rate extension, you need to authorize the Connector by clicking on the Authorize button.
  • In order to authorize the Connector and use the full functionality of the extension you will need to allow Wise Exchange Rate to access the data in your Zoho CRM account. How you can see the extension want to read the currency setting, to create currency setting and update currency setting
  • Once the Connector authorization is complete the Wise Exchange Rates extension is ready for use. Now just click Finish and start exploring the Wise Exchange Rates features.

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How to manage Exchange Rate for Zoho CRM

Here we have the WebTab where we have the Currency column  that is taken over from the Zoho CRM Multi Currency list, the Compare Rates brings us to where we can compare rates and related conversions fees.

On the Exchange Rate Wise column we can see the current exchange rate from for each currency in real time and related date for this exchange rate.

An important feature is that we can change the exchange rate according to our own needs by adjusting it by the percentage we need to add on top

To see if the adjustment is appropriate we can preview the adjusted exchange rate on the Final Exchange Rate

If this is what we need we can update the Zoho CRM exchange rate by clicking on the Update button

Let's give you an example

Let's adjust by 4% the USD Currency, we can see that the preview shows us the value 0,21014344. The current value of Exchange Rate CRM is 0,206102220.  To change the current value for exchange rate in Zoho CRM we have to press update.

We can observe that the current value for exchange rate in CRM has changed according to our adjustment

Here we can see that it is changed even in Zoho CRM Currencies

We can track the updates in the Currencies Updates module where we have a list that contains all the history of updates

Here we have our update to the currency, we can also see the Old Exchange Rate CRM, Current Wise Exchange Rate, the percent of adjustment, the new Exchange rate, the name of the user which updated and when the update has been done

To keep the Exchange Rates from up to date on the extension we have implemented a schedule that runs daily at 11:30 PM and update the exchange rate

The percentage filled in the Adjust% column of the WebTab is also taken into account in the daily update that the scheduler runs keeping your Zoho CRM exchange rates updated by your needings. You can change anytime the adjustment and update it manually

How to uninstall Exchange Rate for Zoho CRM

If you want to unninstall the extension you have to go to the Settings, click on Marketplace and select All extensions that are already installed, there you can see Wise Exchange Rate extension with the uninstall button

Key features

  • Automatically updates every day for all the currencies the exchange rates based on the exchange rates from - in Zoho CRM

  • Manually update whenever you need it for all the currencies form Zoho CRM the exchange rates based on real time exchange rates

  • Adjust the Wise exchange rates with your required percentage on the Wise Exchange Rates WebTab in Zoho CRM

  • Retrieve whenever you need the real time exchange rates from on our Wise Exchange Rates  WebTab in Zoho CRM

  • Compare the exchange rates and transfer fees on for your currencies from Zoho CRM 
  • See the full history of updates done on the exchange rates and also the added percentage plus the user which has done it on Currencies Updates module in Zoho CRM

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