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We are a HubSpot Partner and Zoho Partner to help you grow. 
Scale Your Business With CRM Automation,  Inbound Marketing,  and Website Development. 
More customers, happy customers, less costs and free time for you.
All packed in our  Automate offers. 

There’s a better way to grow.


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We  Automate  Business


We help B2B companies to generate more revenue through Inbound Marketing 

If your business is not generating enough sales you are on the right page

Our  services helps your business to 

  • Generate more traffic and turn your visitors into leads

  • Generate more leads

  • Improve the quality of your leads

  • Align Marketing with Sales and to generate more revenue

  • To Delight your customers

  • Make all these  Automate 

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We  Automate  Business

How Can We Help You?

“Don’t optimize for conversions, optimize for revenue.”
Neil Patel

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Email Marketing

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Content Creation

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Lead Generation

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CRM Automation

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We  Automate  Business

How We Do Inbound Marketing  

HOW WE CAN HELP YOU - including more traffic, more qualified leads, marketing  automation and a better way to grow

Why to work with us?

          First of all you will not be alone, you will have two partners in this journey - Svennis Cloud Solutions and HubSpot. We will not do all your Digital Marketing Campaigns with bare hands and hard work (even hard work is required). We will do it  with the right tools and know-how. We came in with the proper tools on our partner's platform, and, we can make the magic that all these tools will run in tandem. We can help you target the right audience, guide your audience through Awareness, Consideration, Decision, align your marketing with sales, and finally, we  Automate  all these. We cannot promise you to win the next game but we can help you craft out the right strategy and training schema to win the championship together. 

        On the same time, based on the insights which we will extract from listening social media, you can focus on making your products and services better in order delight your customers. Because at the end is how Gary Vaynerchuk sheds light on by stating that:

“You can market your ass off, but if your product sucks, you’re dead"

        In one sentence - we will guide you through this Inbound Marketing journey.  


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We  Automate  Business

D.I.Y. Inbound Marketing Guide

You need to take special care about each one of these steps  in order to have success       

  • First of all, think about your business, about your products and services and think about why people should buy from you, why people are actually buying from you, do the research, dig for your mission statement, think about your WHY how Simon Sinek teaches us, analyze, etc... When you are clear with all these go to the next step.       
  • Build up your Buyer Persona based on the results from the last step,
  • Based on Buyer Persona, do your research to determine the Buying Journey of this semi-fictional persona.
  • When all these are clear - start to build the DNA of your Inbound marketing, create the right content for each step from the journey -Awareness, Consideration, Decision, and guide this persona through all the stages - Attract, Engage, and Delight. So far so good.
  •  Furthermore, for each step and at each stage you need to be visible on the right platform at the right time with the right content optimized for the exact moment of the journey and for the right context.      
  • How you can do this? Integrate the DNA of your Inbound Marketing in each tool from your ONLINE tool-set: 
    • Website,
    • SEO,
    • Social Media Marketing,
    • Email Marketing,
    • CRM & Marketing Automation,
    • Content Creation,
    • Online Paid Advertising.
  • Make all these to speak with the same voice in tandem.
  • Adjust the right tone for each one of these tools based on the related audiences.
  • Test, run, analyze, improve, test, run, analyze, improve, test, run, analyze, improve ...
  • One advice - always adapt your Inbound Marketing to the dynamic of the market and keep your business aligned with it.

        I know it is not so simple… but all these efforts are creating a huge momentum and you are on the way to win the championship.



      It is extremely important that  you will be aware about the necessary time, money and resources, knowledge and discipline for having success in your campaign. First of all have patience. We invite you to use all our helpful material from website which we are offering for free and do your best to win the championship. We even offer you our free consultation. Please book one here.

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