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 CRM Automation 


We  Automate  Business

CRM Automation


We help B2B companies to generate more revenue and reduce costs through Automation and Digitalization

If your your business is not generating enough sales or your costs are getting higher and higher you are on the right page. We know how to change the game for you.

If you don't know where to start - we know - start with the CRM. According to Nucleus Research every dollar spent on CRM implementation generate 8.71 dollars in sales revenue.

In any Inbound Marketing Strategy your CRM plays an important role.


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We  Automate  Business

Automation and Digitalization

Our services for your business: 


  • We  Automate  your Inbound Marketing 

  • We  Automate  your Sales

  • We  Automate  your Customer Service

  • We  Automate  your Production Operations

We make the magic that all these will run in tandem.




Zoho authorizared partner


We are Authorized Partners with two of the best CRM Software for 2020 according to PCMAG.COM

PCMAG.COM best crm 2020

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"Sleep is that time when you're working on startup problems with your eyes closed."

Dharmesh Shah

What is CRM Automation?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) automation refers to the automating process of sales and other customer services functions for the purpose of helping team tracks and align their efforts with current as well as upcoming customers. Consumer management tasks along with data entry, contact updates, communication details, calendar management, and lead and opportunity updates are performed in day to day activities. According to the article What is CRM Automation? Definition, Marketing Best Practices with Examples” the best types of CRM automation tools are as below

  • On-premise CRM automation software
  • Cloud-based CRM automation software

Primary things for the Functionality of Tools

The functionality of these tools like On-premise CRM automation software, cloud-based CRM automation software based on the basic three things which are below

  • Operational CRM automation software
  • Analytical CRM automation software
  • Collaborative CRM automation software

According to Hubspot, “If you want to save time, engage with more leads, and land the sale faster, here are four ways you can use CRM to automate your efforts.” The article - CRM Automation: The Ultimate Guide:

  1. Data entry automation
  2. Set up personalized email sequences
  3. Log all customer interactions automatically
  4. Customer service automation

The technology of marketing automation has shaken the tectonic plates of the industry in a more progressive way because the technology has made the task easier. Marketing Automation is the combination of two things which are as

  • Software
  • Strategy

The business that uses marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads, according The Annuitas Group

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